Wednesday, December 29, 2010


So the other day I ventured into the op shop or thrift store (if you like to call it that) and I found fashion gold once again, i found this really cool puffy white top and a pair of jeans which i can safly say are a good pair of high-waisted shorts. I really like the top and over the past couple of days i have been at a resort down the coast from where i live and yesterday we were going out for lunch so I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to wear my top finally because I had been absolutely busting to wear it on the coast but hadn't had a chance . I actually wore it with the pants i bought it with and it turned out a treat.

I also found these new images of these cool tops that I think are similar and have those simply awsome designs that can be casual and formal. I really like the detail within each one and the collar on the second one is really cool .

So here is my white puffy shirt, I know its not the greatest picture sorry but you can still see the colour and all the stitch work throughout the bust area. I really like how the collar of the shirt has the cut out detailing and because I buttoned it all the way to the top of the blouse it really stands out.

I really love this because it is a blouse with like a cardigan kind of feel to it. Because it is so simple and the detailing is so small it can be worn casually. It is one of those classics that can be done over and over and still look like its being innovative. I really like the dots though they stand out without looking to much like your out of control. It looks similar to my blouse but this design is cool because the collar is replaced with the round neck which is so cool i love it.

Okay so my blouse is no compition for Samantha Harris and a Miu Miu design nether the less I still love it. I like the buttons down the front instead of the conventional stitching and all the jewels , obcourse due to these details you could never wear this wonderful design just casually in the supermarket . The patterns are cool also and I have noticed them starting to creep back in.

Well done Miu Miu!

Monday, December 20, 2010

hsilop lian

So latley I have been experimenting with colour on my nails which is pretty unusual because I dont usually wear nail polish. But now I have become addicted to nail polish for the past couple of weeks and have been exploring all the different colours that are around and  I just love all the darkers colours although I am really set on emerald green nail polish and cant wait to try it out.

But I have noticed that on pail skin bright colours are usually the go and not so much the darker colours. I suppose it is to everyones taste but I am sure that nail polish just ties an outfit togethor and makes it look much better.

This colour is really cool because it could be worn with a more standard outfit or an outragous dress or somthing to make a statement that wouldn't hinder the overall appearance.

 This shade of green is really cool because it would really be a good accessory to a daggy look because it could enhance the quality of it without taking away the grunge aspect. 

With nail polish I think its important for it to be an accesory and not a main player in the outfit. I cant wait to play around more with nailpolish and i hope you do too.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The little brown tote

Yesterday I visited this Op shop , it was so fun going through all this great stuff then I spotted this little brown hand bag that looked so good I just had to buy it. It made me start thinking about bags and all the great collections that are out there that are making statements without being large or outragous

Monday, December 6, 2010

Seeing the Light

So I have been looking through all my old Vogue and Harpers Bazarr magazines and found all these cool designers that are well known and up and coming . Although they all have different styles and conventions the exploration of light pastels and all the cool retro prints are evident in all the resort shows which is really cool because it gives the consumer a chance to mix and match which this summer is already hitting the stores. I found some awsome pictures that I love from some of the resort shows and some of the new designer stuff that is awsome.


Love the resort collection for Karen Walker 2010


                                         This is the resort collection for balenciaga 2010

This is new stuff for Creatures of the Wind  I love how innovative they are. They are really making new designs that are simple yet have the quality of extravegant pieces with that sharp minimal effort that is hard to find.

Light & Salt

I hope that through this blog I can give an insight into my passion and show fashion as an art form and a way of expression rather than a media sensation. I will always be posting new stuff and requests are very welcome . I hope this can be a place where everyone can have a opinion and contribute whether it be good or bad.